Our 30' Waterfall & Cliff Diver Attraction is Closed for Maintenance. We Apologize for the Inconvenience.
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October 26, 2021

Park Fest

August 17, 2012

Be sure to visit the South Park convention August 17 - 19 and then visit us at Casa Bonita. Take the Cartman tour and find Cartman. Dress as a South Park character and be eligible for a Casa Bonita prize.....it will be totally worth it. Share your adventures with us on Facebook - Casa Bonita Denver.

Casa Bonita restaurant scene

vintage Casa Bonita button, circa 1974: Pleasing you pleases me.
Casa Bonita

We are a Mexican restaurant and family entertainment destination located in Denver, Colorado. One of the nation's top ten roadside attractions, Casa Bonita has been delighting audiences for 46 years.

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